Financial aid programs

Financial aid programs

Have a tourism project in mind? Here is the list of available financial aid that could help you realize your project.

In the event of a discrepancy, the information contained on the official program website takes precedence. Program deadlines are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change depending on the availability of funds.

July 11, 2022

Tourism Establishment Accessibility Program (TEAP) - 2022-2024

Fund Manager: KÉROUL

Intended Objectives:

  • Transformation or improvement of tourism infrastructures to make them accessible to people with limited physical mobility.

Prioritized areas:

  • Accommodation;
  • Attractions;
  • Places of reception and tourist information;
  • Restaurant located in an accommodation or attraction;
  • Services (theater, convention center, tourist store, public market, ticketing, etc.)

Form of funding: grant

Amount available: 80% of project costs, up to $100,000

Contact : Nathalie Roy - 514-252-3104

Official website - TEAP

April 19, 2021

Tourism Relief Fund (TRF)

Program manager: Canada Economic Development

Objectives :

  • Adaptation of tourism activities to meet new tourism requirements in terms of public health;
  • Adaptation to new visitor expectations in order to create a competitive and attractive destination.

Form of Funding:

  • POO (Profit-oriented organization): Grant up to $100,000 (50% of eligible costs) or fully repayable contribution up to $500,000 (75% of eligible costs).
  • NPO (Non-profit organization): grant up to $500,000

Official website - Tourism Relief Fund

April 21, 2022

Adapted financing for the renovation of hotels targeting business tourism

Program manager: Investissement Québec Tourisme


  • Improvement and renovation of accommodation units;
  • Improvement and renovation of meeting/conference rooms;
  • Increase in tourist traffic related to business tourism;
  • Increase in hotel revenues;
  • Job creation.

Prioritized Projects:

  • Improvement and adaptation of equipment and infrastructure to enable compliance with sanitary measures;
  • Infrastructures and facilities related to business tourism;
  • rooms, including bathrooms;
  • kitchens and dining rooms;
  • Lobby, reception, rest areas, public washrooms, bar and other interior amenities that constitute public areas;
  • the exterior structure of the building.

Form of financing : Term loan

Amount available: $100,000 to $5 million (80% of eligible costs)

Contact : Benoît Deshaies - 514-873-1412

Official website - PADAT

April 13, 2022

Ecopropulsion Fund - Érable and Arthabaska

Program Manager: Corporation de développement durable (CDD)


To sustainably transform the organizations of the Arthabaska and L'Érable RCMs to make them a leading region in sustainable development.

Specific guidelines:

  • Support concrete actions that reduce the environmental footprint of companies and organizations and increase social benefits;
  • Stimulate the emergence of innovative and diversified solutions to social and environmental problems;
  • Engage organizations by demonstrating the positive impacts of their actions on the environment and communities.

Form of funding: Grant

Call for projects: Exact dates to come (Fall 2022)

Amount available: You can get up to $10,000.

  • NPO: Maximum 75% of eligible expenses
  • NPO: Maximum 50% of eligible expenses

Contact : Clémentine Freire - 819-302-9032

Official website - Fonds écopropulsion

July 27, 2022

Proaction Guidance Service

Manager: SADC Nicolet-Bécancour

Targeted sectors:

- Businesses, organizations and municipalities of the Nicolet-Yamaska and Bécancour RCMs


  • PROAction approach (cohort) - towards the integration of sustainable development in the organization's mission, vision, values and planning.
  • Customized support, according to your specific needs (energy efficiency, eco-responsibility, etc.).

Form of assistance: Accompaniment

Contact: Carolyne Aubin - 819-233-3315

Website of Proaction program

June 16, 2022

Concertation for employment - Seasonal companies

Program manager: Emploi Québec - Direction des mesures et services aux entreprises (DMSE)

Objectives : The program allows the implementation of projects aimed at extending the employment period of seasonal workers (in terms of weeks or months) in order to ensure an adequate response to the needs of the labor market.

Form of Funding:

  • Technical and financial assistance
  • The Department generally subsidizes 50% of the gross salary of workers, excluding payroll taxes, whose employment has been extended and stabilized, up to a maximum of $6,500 per year per job. The grantee's contribution must be a minimum of 15% of total gross wages. The grant is applied to the number of hours added to the worker's regular schedule.

Official Program Document - Employment Consultation

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