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The regional tourism associations (RTAs), within the framework of partnership agreements with the ministère du Tourisme du Québec, plan and harmonize reception and information activities in the regions. They also see to the training of attendants and to the sensitization of the citizens of the territory they serve.

 The RTAs are responsible for the following actions in implementing the policy:

  • to set up a regional consultation table bringing together mainly the managers of reception centres;
  • To implement the regional hosting and network support strategy, in collaboration with regional partners, including the development of a hosting network distribution plan in accordance with the accreditation criteria and categories defined by the policy;
  • manage the tourist information offices under their jurisdiction;
  • Establish a dialogue with regional partners (CLDs, CRDs, tourism offices and other local organizations, ministries) regarding the funding of the network and the improvement of local and regional reception sites;
  • Support the development and implementation of accreditation incentives, including those established at the Issue Table;
  • Review the distribution strategy for regional guides and other regional tourism information publications based on the network configuration.

Tourism information desk

Tourisme Centre-du-Québec is responsible for the region's tourist reception network.

Its main mandates:

  • Ensure compliance of tourist information offices with the provincial hospitality policy;
  • Train reception staff on an annual basis;
  • Provide regional input on the creation and location of new venues.

The regional tourist association works in close collaboration with the managers of the 5 reception sites in the region:

  • Victoriaville Tourist Information Office (Vélogare)
  • Drummondville Tourist Information Office
  • Tourist information office of the MRC de l'Érable (Carrefour de l'Érable)
  • Bécancour Tourist Information Office
  • Nicolet-Yamaska Tourist Information Office

 In addition to ensuring the tourist representation at the Halte touristique de Villeroy (MTQ - Tourisme Centre-du-Québec collaboration effort).

Advisor Interface

Tourisme Centre-du-Québec ensures the sending of statistics to the Ministère du Tourisme. In order to facilitate the taking of statistics, the Ministère du Tourisme has created the GIC (Gestion de l'Interface du Conseiller/Advisor Interface Management). This digital tool allows the design of survey forms in order to better know the clientele.

Survey forms that are designed with the GIC can be subsequently completed by site staff using the Advisor Interface (AI).

Advisor Interface Management: Reference Manual
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Advisor Interface: Reference Manual
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Documentation orders for tourist information offices

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