Sustainable and responsible tourism

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Intervention framework  -  Regional priorities

Intervention framework

Plan d’action pour un tourisme responsable et durable 2020-2025 (Action Plan for Responsible and Sustainable Tourism 2020-2025) - Ministère du Tourisme

This action plan aims to stimulate and support the adoption of innovative and sustainable practices for the tourism industry to ensure a rapid transition to responsible and sustainable tourism.

The five areas of intervention will contribute to the implementation of structuring measures:

1.     Support the transition to a circular economy;

2.     Promote sustainable transportation;

3.     To develop nature and adventure tourism in an ecotourism approach;

4.     Promote tourism that is beneficial to individuals and respectful of communities;

5.     Supporting businesses in adapting and innovating to climate change.

Link to the action plan :
Penser le tourisme différemment, plan d'action pour un tourisme responsable et durable 2020-2025 (only in french)

Regional priorities

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